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Work. Breakdown. Structure. WBStool.

Start with a work breakdown structure, define responsibilities, plan efforts, cost, dates und resources. Add milestones, predecessors and followers. Create work package descriptions, arrange documents, print plans, export project data to excel and HTML. Plan your project.

Import actual data, observe plan vs. actual, analyse earned value developments, manage changes. Control your project.

Collect projects centrally, overview your project portfolio, set priorities between projects resp. resources in the organisation. Increase your success by multi-project management and enterprise resource management.

Adapt WBStool to your needs, use the open source evaluations and the collaboration possibilities. Let WBStool be the business solution for your projects.


WBStool is a Windows desktop application. You can download and install it within seconds. It is only 200 kB in size because it uses the most advanced technology provided by Microsoft, e.g. C#, MVVM, .net and WPF.

For the installation you need .net 4.5 which is included in the operating system since Windows 8 anyway. The installation of WBStool does not require administrator rights, and the program can be removed completely by deleting the installation directory.

The trial version of WBStool provides all functions including the multi-project management features. Find a short video tutorial here. Tell us for how long you want to evaluate our software.